Ruby Rose nailed “Bitch” on Lip Sync Battle and Chrissy Teigen just could not handle it

We all remember the track. We are all of these women. We are the bitch, the lover, the sinner, and the saint. Meredith Brooks released “Bitch” in 1997 and on Thursday’s episode of Lip Sync Battle, Ruby Rose performed “Bitch” like a boss. Not only did the 30 year old Australian actress lip sync the lyrics, she also pantomimed each movement, from cradling a baby, to flicking off the camera. The battle was against Milla Jovovich who killed it with Billy Idol’s “White Wedding.” In response, Rose came out on top, literally, by spiraling down from the ceiling in an acrobatic opener to “Raise Your Glass.” Viewers see Jovovich hilariously yell, “Nooo!” into the microphone as Rose is spotted by audience members.

The cute Chrissy Teigen also plays a part in this act, as she throws glasses, plates, and other objects off of her table to participate in Rose’s performance. After every item is smashed, she awkwardly yells, “Ahh” and covers her face, realizing how ridiculous the entire experience is.

For both performances, Rose wore black. Her sleek leather dress exposing her arm tattoos for “Bitch” and the leather crop top with leather pants for “Raise Your Glass” were definitely fitting to Rose’s personal style.

Rose has several exciting projects in the pipeline and her most recent is the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter with Milla Jovovich which premiered yesterday in theaters.

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