Ruby Rose got a badass pink coat to match her new pink hair

You know that feeling when you get a new haircut/hair style/hair SOMETHING and you feel like a totally new person and you just want to change up your entire wardrobe. Ruby Rose knows that feeling well.

Ruby Rose also knows that you don’t have to totally overhaul your entire wardrobe just because you switched up your hair.

Nah, girl knows you just invest in one great statement piece that completes your new look to scratch that particular itch. In this case, Ruby Rose recently debuted a badass magenta crop. Her first Instas with her new hair were styled with a classic leopard coat which was TOTALLY awesome.

And here she is with the world’s BEST accessory, a doggie!!!

Though it doesn’t get much better than accessorizing with your pup, Ruby Rose did take it to the next level recently when she got a jacket that went oh-so-perfectly with her new look.

Oh my goodness. This is magic-made jacket. We would have been impressed enough with the hot pink faux fur by itself. But combined with the matching magenta hair? We are in matchy-matchy fashion heaven. Forget matching your purse with your shoes. This winter is going to be all about matching your fake fur with your crazy-wonderful new hair color.

Here’s another great shot of Ruby rocking the electric pink hair/coat combo:

Girl appears to be shopping hard. So who knows? Maybe she is buying more crazy pink looks to go with her crazy pink hair. We wouldn’t be mad about that.


A ginormous thank you is in order. Ruby, you slay! Thank you very much for giving us serious winter fashion goals. We’ll try to do you proud.

And real talk, this new trend actually makes us kind of excited for the freezing weather. And if that’s not a Christmas miracle, we don’t what is.

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