Ruby Rose asks Margot Robbie for a lock of hair for her shrine, and like, we get it

People go crazy for Ruby Rose because of her acting, modeling, and awesome DJing — not to mention her friendly and prolific social media use. Just yesterday, Ruby Rose took to Twitter to ask Margot Robbie the kind of question we’re willing to bet that only she could get away with. You know, simply asking Robbie for a strand or two of her hair. NBD. false false

Mind you, it appears that the Orange is the New Black star is asking for Robbie’s hair so she (or as she alleges, a “friend”) can put together a pretty intimate shrine to the fellow actress. While this is pretty clearly tweeted in jest, we do think we know what the real motive is: Halloween.

Given the success of the film, we’re betting that there will be a whole lot of Harley Quinn costumes out there this Halloween, so it seems that Ruby Rose is simply trying to beat the pack and go right for the gold. If you’re looking to fashion yourself as Harley Quinn this year, just know that Ruby Rose might be your biggest competition — and she may just have a few strands of hair to give her that extra edge, to boot.

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