This artist gives free henna crowns to women who have lost their hair to chemotherapy, and they are gorgeous

For many women, we define a major part of our identity and femininity with our hair. Whether it’s long and straight or short and curly, our hair is one of our defining features. But some women break away from that connection — sometimes, not by their own choice if illness begins impacting the health of their hair. There are many different ways to be beautiful, but society often sends a message that says otherwise.

Women who have lost their hair to chemotherapy deserve to feel beautiful, and to realize that their beauty is not only connected to their hair — and one artist is helping to do just that.

Artist Sarah Walters is working to give women who have had cancer free henna crowns — also giving them a chance to feel beautiful again.

The beautiful, intricate patterns are part of an ancient practice rooted in Indian and Arab cultures, but they have been carried over to other parts of the world. Walters mastered the technique needed to create the patterns, and she does so now with her own business.

And after seeing firsthand how cancer can affect the lives of everyday people, Walters was committed to helping people anyway that she can, including helping them to feel gorgeous.

And it gets better! SARAHENNA works on donations, so that means literally anybody can get a crown, regardless of how much money they have to spare.