There’s a video of a bunch of celebs singing on their way to the royal wedding, and it’s glorious

Just when we thought we’d seen every single amazing/adorable/exciting moment from the May 19th royal wedding (Charlotte, we’re looking at you, little lady), a video comes along that reminds us we will NEVER be done obsessing about the wedding of the decade. Director and wedding guest Anton Cropper posted a video to his Instagram account on May 24th — a video that he took while on a private bus filled with other celebs on their way to the royal wedding. Oh, and they’re singing (“Going To The Chapel,” no less).

It seems as though everyone was as absolutely giddy as you’d expect on such a special occasion. People were laughing, hats were askew, and yes — some even forgot the lyrics. Cropper captioned the iconic video with, “#tbt to that time last Saturday on the way to the #Royalwedding. Great times with old friends and made some new ones!!! Miss you all!”

Here it is for your viewing/life pleasure.


And in case you were wondering — yes — you’re seeing actress Abigail Spencer next to Priyanka Chopra (both Markle’s besties), as well as several members of the Suits cast.

While we absolutely love seeing some of our favorite stars in their royally elegant attire (literally), what we love most about this clip is how genuinely normal and happy everyone seems. It can be easy to forget that behind all the traditions, formalities, and international obsession that — at the end of the day — this was a real and meaningful moment for Meghan, Harry, and all their friends and loved ones.

Now excuse us while we watch this video on repeat for at least the next 100 minutes.

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