It appears as if Prince Harry excitedly swore under his breath when he saw Meghan for the first time at the royal wedding

The royal wedding might be *the* formal event of the year — because, you know, it involves a lot of princes, princesses, and other notable dignitaries — but peel all of that away and it really is just a wedding between two people who love each other very, very much. And, like so many other grooms who have come before him, Prince Harry nearly lost it when he saw his new bride, Meghan Markle, reach him at the altar.

While most of the world was pretty fixed on Meghan’s gorgeous Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy dress, if you happened to be paying close attention to Harry himself, you maybe saw him say a few things to his now-wife before the ceremony started. So here we are, in the year 2018, and Harry just gave the world our new favorite go-to vow exchange for any wedding out there, royal or not:

Before the ceremony started, it appears as if Harry said to Meghan, “I’m shitting it.” Ah yes, nothing like true love speaking from the heart, eh?

It’s hard to actually tell if this is the exact phrase Harry said, but we’re going to go with a hard, “yes.” The whole world is watching this wedding happen, so mix that pressure with the appearance of your partner at the end of the aisle. Are newlyweds couples out there not thinking, “I’m shitting it” just before the vows are exchanged?

Harry just happened to mouth his on TV, so it was captured on camera and quickly made its way around Twitter: false

As for what Meghan said back to Harry upon hearing this? That’s a little bit harder to tell, because you know, the veil makes everything a little bit more difficult. But it appears as if the new Duchess of Sussex went with “[excited and giddy laughter for her new husband].”

Many happy congrats to Harry and Meghan, and their new life together.

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