The royal wedding photographer had a hilarious trick for getting all those adorable kids to smile, and we’re using it ASAP

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, sorry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, were married on May 19th, 2018, and on May 21st, their official royal wedding portraits hit the internet. In the portraits, the royal couple smiles alongside their parents, siblings, Queen Elizabeth II, and all those cute kids from the wedding party. It was a huge ask to get all those little kids to sit and smile, and honestly, it didn’t totally work out. One of the bridesmaids, Zalie Warren, went viral for having the most unimpressed face in some of the photos. But not for a lack of trying! Royal wedding photographer Alexi Lubomirski reportedly had to bribe the kids with candy to get them to perk up.

"[Lubomirski] says he got all the kids (and possibly even Harry & Meghan) to grin for their #RoyalWedding portrait by calling out 'Who likes Smarties?!' as they had been getting them as treats throughout the day," royal expert Omid Scobie tweeted earlier today.

After this tweet, Scobie had to clarify what Smarties are, because they aren’t the hard sugar candies we’re used to eating in the States.

"PSA: I’m seeing some US followers trash Smarties and it needs to stop. Firstly: how dare you. And second: The Smarties candy over there is actually called Fizzers here. British Smarties are chocolate sweets in sugar shells (think M&Ms). Best in ice cream or cookies," he tweeted.

So basically, the photographer called out the equivalent of “Who likes M&M’s?” which is not quite a thing we say in the U.S., but hey, whatever works. He got the shots, and they’re beautiful.

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