Here are the best GIFs from the royal wedding, so you can relive it again and again

While the royal wedding may have come and gone, we’ll always be able to relive it again and again in the most 2018 way possible — via GIFs.

Early Saturday morning, on the 19th of May, Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in an absolutely gorgeous ceremony in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. It looked like a fairytale dream come true — from the impressive guest list we could only WISH for our best imaginary wedding, to the flower-adorned chapel, to Meghan’s dress, and Harry (maybe) swearing, and even the ceremony itself. It’s not an event we’re going to soon forget, and thankfully it will live on in our hearts. And also on the internet. Because what’s a big event unless we can excessively GIF it?

The internet wasted no time in picking out the *best* moments from the ceremony, and .gif-ing them, so we can hold on to them forever. From all the royal waves, and Princess Charlotte’s stand-out faces, to even the LOOKS Harry and Meghan gave one another just before their “I do’s.” Here are our favorite moments, and try not to swoon too hard.

Good summary of your emotions, before, during, and after the royal wedding:

Me when I see a dog the royal wedding:

Meghan’s epic train:

The small children of the wedding, and MY HEART:

Only look at this .gif of Harry if you want your heart to shatter, but in a good way:

Harry setting the bar a little TOO HIGH for all other partners out there:


Princess Charlotte waving LIKE A BOSS:

Oprah, being Oprah — almost looking confused and surprised to find herself at the royal wedding?

And Idris Elba at the royal wedding, just because:

Until the next royal wedding.