Meghan Markle Isn’t “Brave Enough” to Attend Coronation, Says Royal Butler

Princess Diana’s former butler claims it will be “incredibly uncomfortable” for the couple to attend.

Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, is placing his bets on whether or not Meghan Markle will attend King Charles’s coronation this May.

“It’s likely to be incredibly uncomfortable for them if they attend, particularly Meghan,” he told Closer Magazine, as reported by New York Post. For that reason, he believes Prince Harry will be riding solo to his dad’s crowning ceremony.

Once upon a time, Burrell had a close relationship with Harry and his estranged brother, Prince William. He spent a decade serving the late Princess of Wales, up until her tragic death in 1997.

Despite all that, he applauds the King for “retain[ing] the moral high ground” and extending an invitation to Meghan and Harry.

But, “are they prepared to face the music?” Burrell prompts. He for one thinks not.

“I don’t think Meghan’s brave or strong enough to be there — she’d have to look in the eyes of a family she’s pushed under the bus,” he explained of his answer.

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As someone who fans may consider a royal insider, Burrell said it’s more likely that Harry will make the long journey home alone. If he had to guess, Meghan “won’t be able to be by his side.”

Then again, Coronation Weekend may be too emotionally taxing on Harry, Burrell added. While Charles will officially be crowned King, Camilla will also officially earn her title of Queen, a position “where [Harry’s] mother could have been.”

Earlier this month it was reported that an invitation to King Charles’s coronation had made its way to the couple’s Montecito mansion. However, neither the Duke nor Duchess of Sussex have publicly confirmed if they plan to attend.

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