The “Royal 4” just landed in Poland, and George and Charlotte stole the show yet again

Tracking the movements of the royal family is always exciting, especially when the tiniest members are involved. We just heard that William, Kate, George and Charlotte touched down in Poland to begin a five-day tour as a family, and naturally, the ones who have ALL of our attention are sweet little George and Charlotte. George looked a little hesitant getting out of the plane (granted, there were a lot of people waiting on the tarmac for them!), but his doting dad, Prince William, was right there to hold his hand and make everything okay.

What’s that? You NEED to see a pic?

We feel you, and we GOT YOU. Take a look:


Charlotte was dressed up in an adorable red dress and matching shoes, and she clung to Kate the whole time. Makes sense, she’s only 2-years-old, after all. Aww.


Psssst. Someone was making faces at the camera.


LOL. We get it, buddy.

Yup, George and Charlotte definitely stole the show. 100%. And we can’t help but feel a teensy tiny bit jealous that they get to travel the world in such style with their royal parents to guide the way. But at least we get to enjoy photo evidence of their trips and admire from afar.


We can’t wait to hear tales from the classroom and playground when George starts school at Thomas’s this fall. He is a spirited little boy (and his camera shyness is endearing),  and such an incredibly unique life awaits both him and little sister Charlotte.

Hey guys, more photos from Poland, please. Or from your next stop, Germany. Just reminding you that we’re here anytime to soak up royal activities.

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