The woman who accused Roy Moore of sexually abusing her at 14 is now suing him

Politician Roy Moore, who is now best known for allegedly sexually abusing multiple underage women, may finally be taken to court. Leigh Corfman, the woman who publicly accused Roy Moore of inappropriately touching her when she was 14, is now suing Moore for defamation.

As reported by The Washington Post, Corfman is asking for a “declaratory judgment of defamation, a public apology from Moore, and a court-enforced ban on him or his campaign publicly attacking her again.” In a statement obtained by the outlet, Corfman said she aims to “to do what I could not do as a 14-year-old — hold Mr. Moore and those who enable him accountable.”

According to the account Corfman gave The Washington Post in November, she was 14 when 32-year-old Roy Moore sexually abused her back in 1979.

After meeting Corfman outside an Alabama courthouse with her mother, Moore took the minor to his house on two occasions. On the first, he kissed her and gave her alcohol. On the second, he undressed them both, inappropriately touched her, and “guided” her hand to touch him.

Corfman is not the only woman to claim that Roy Moore abused her as a minor. Three other women also accused Moore of sexual misconduct toward them when they were underage. The accusations caused the Senate race between Moore and Democrat Doug Jones to gain national attention. Jones narrowly beat Moore in the race, becoming the first Democrat to win in Alabama in 25 years.

Corfman seeks no financial gain — instead, she wants her abuser to be held accountable for his actions and to send the message that predators cannot get away with sexual abuse. We applaud Corfman’s bravery, and we hope justice is finally served.