Rowan Blanchard talks about her decision to come out as queer — and it’s so important

Rowan Blanchard talked to Cosmopolitan about her decision to come out as queer, and we all need to listen up.


The 14-year-old Girl Meets World star has been busy lately, having attended the premiere of a short film titled The Realest Real (directed by Portlandia’sCarrie Brownstein, btw), as well as the Coach spring/summer 2017 fashion show.

Busy-ness aside, Blanchard took time to sit down with Cosmopolitan and talk about what it’s like to be queer in Hollywood (and in general).

In a nutshell — NBD!


“To me, in the context of the people I’ve talked about it with who are my friends, queer means not subscribing to this binary of like, ‘You’re straight or you’re gay, and that’s it. There’s no in between. That’s all you’ll ever be,’ she said.

“So, for me, it was no big deal, but for the rest of the world it was like, ‘Whoa!’ like it was such a big deal. That kind of annoyed me. And the fact that it is still such a big deal.

It was also NBD when she was growing up.


“…I’m from L.A. At the school that I went to, one of my best friends had two moms, and it was never a thing that my parents sat me down and talked to me about, Blanchard said.

Awww. Don’t we wish all parents were so unconditionally accepting?!

What about Hollywood?!

Blanchard said that she thinks people in Hollywood are a little more accepting than most, as they embrace celebs who come out, but then again, boys who do drama are still often labeled as queer, so she thinks the jury may still be out.

We hear you, girl, loud and clear.

Hopefully, Blanchard’s POV and way of thinking will become the norm.

And, of course, people have asked Blanchard about her sexuality before, as The Huffington Post reported.

You may remember her tweet from earlier this year.

Followed by this one.

And, of course, we love all the #girlpower posts she puts onto Insta.

Thanks so much to Rowan for continuing to speak so honestly and boldly about these important issues.

You can read Blanchard’s entire interview with Cosmo here.

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