Rowan Blanchard matched her eye makeup to her outfit and we’re so inspired

We don’t need any more reasons to totally love Rowan Blanchard. Seriously, Rowan slays when it comes to feminism, stars in the sequel to one of our all time fave sitcoms, speaks out agains teens dieting, AND she’s SO young. We can’t believe how awesome she already is, and are totally overwhelmed thinking of how awesome she’ll be in the future.

But right now, we’re going to set all of her other not inconsiderable accomplishments aside, because we really need to have a chat about her eyeshadow.

Rowan attended a production of Amelie in the best outfit with the MOST amazing early 2000s throwback detail.


Rowan did the makeup thing that is frequently called a faux pas, but actually looks kind of amazing. It makes us feel like, instead of Girl Meets World, Rowan could be starring in a DCOM like Smart House and dancing to Spice Girls. (We’re sure she dances to the Spice Girls in her free time, anyway. We have faith that she’s cool like that.)


Her whole outfit is on point, though. Different amazing hues of blue, a pop of color in her stellar purse, AND she’s even throwing some metallics in with her shoes. We’re like way older than her and have, at best, half her sartorial acumen.


This is honestly the glittery blue slash green eyeshadow of our dreams.

We can’t wait to rock a similar look as soon as humanly possible.

So long, Batman. Rowan Blanchard is actually the hero we both need and deserve.

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