Rowan Blanchard credits her activism to fellow teens on Tumblr

Rowan Blanchard is the feminist teen we all wish we were back in high school. After all, her appearances at civil rights rallies and anti-Trump protests inspire feminists and teens alike. Too add to her list of accomplishments, she’s also the May 2017 covergirl for Nylon and in her feature interview, Blanchard credits her activism to teens on Tumblr. She, herself, started her activism on the blogging site back when she was 13 and, with this in mind, Blanchard gives kudos to her fellow young bloggers for expanding her education.

“I really owe everything that I do to teenagers on Tumblr who were considerate enough to teach other people about things,” Blanchard told Nylon’s Phoebe Reilly. “Not like the Susan B. Anthonys, but, like, Adrienne Rich and Angela Davis.”

Because of the tolerance on the Tumblr platform, at 15 years old, Blanchard certainly identifies as a feminist and also as queer. During her Nylon interview, Blanchard noted that she’s all about the gray when it comes to identifying herself and that she doesn’t understand the concept of binaries.

"I just don’t understand why you’re straight or gay. I don’t understand why you want me to be one of two things. What is the driving force behind binaries? ... I want to be in a bizarre realm where people are proposing ideas that have never been put into place.

Blanchard posted a photo of her Tumblr quotation from her Nylon feature on her Instagram earlier today. She wrote in the caption,

"Me when adults ask me how I learned about activism and feminism and I'm like, Um, from other teens on the Internet lol."

We can learn a lot from Rowan Blanchard, and we can also learn a lot from each other. Keep educating yourselves and educating the masses. Together, we stand up for what’s right and lead the world to a brighter future!

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