Someone has released a recipe to make Ross’ sandwich from THAT Thanksgiving episode of “Friends” and we are thankful

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, there’s a lot to be thankful for this year, and the list just got longer. Yup, someone released a recipe to make Ross’ sandwich from that Thanksgiving episode of Friends, reported Nerdist. We can’t thank them enough — and def know what we’re doing later today.

I mean, how can any of us ever forget Ross’ famous sandwich, aka the “Moist Maker,” amirite?! Yes, we know Monica technically made it, but still.

ICYMI, it’s not just a sandwich stuffed with Thanksgiving leftovers. No no no. The gravy-soaked bread in the middle is what makes it… it. Hence, the “moist maker” part.

Of course, we also all remember what happened to Ross’ sandwich when he brought it to work.

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Awww. Poor Ross.

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We really feel for him.

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If you thought you could only see the sandwich in Friends reruns, that’s no longer true. Now, you can make your very own “Moist Maker,” thanks to a video by filmmaker Andrew Rea, reported Laughing Squid.

But we have to warn you, it’s going to make you hungry. Verrrrrrrry hungry. So even if you don’t have Thanksgiving food ingredients around when you watch it, have some food around.

In the vid, Rea goes through the whole turkey-making process, too — which is super impressive. He also makes everything else you’ll need for the sandwich, from the cranberry sauce to the stuffing.

But if you’re not a Thanksgiving-dinner-making aficionado, you can just wait till Thanksgiving to snag the ingredients. Or hit up a local store — you need to practice, right?!

In any case, here’s a preview of Rea making the sandwich.


After some turkey, he adds some stuffing.


And here’s the ~most important~ part: the gravy-dipping!


Then, Rea keeps on layering the sandwich. Hungry yet?!


And here’s the final result. Beauuuuuuuutiful. And Y-U-M.


Okay, who else needs to eat rn?!

You can check out Rea’s video here.

And, just in case, you may want to make a couple sandwiches in case you have a boss (or coworker) like Ross’. (We all know that person who likes to raid the office fridge!)

Btw, Rea has a whole series of culinary videos, “Binging with Babish,” so you may get glued to YouTube all day. (You’re welcome.)

In any case, Happy Thanksgiving (in a few days!) from all of us!