How Ross Geller was the best boyfriend ever, even if you don’t want to admit it

Ross, Ross, Ross, how we love thee. Okay, so Ross Geller might not be everyone’s favorite character on Friends, and that’s fine, but he was a ridiculously awesome boyfriend. Seriously, he was the greatest boyfriend ever, even if you don’t want to admit it.

Rachel Green might’ve taught me how to be a grown up, but Ross made me believe in love and proved that romance is NOT dead. He is easily the best significant other on the show and I can prove it. Sit back and enjoy all of the awesomeness that was Ross as a BF. Trust me, Ross was an insanely great BF, even if he isn’t your cup of tea.

Ross was a hopeless romantic. A guy who was in love with love? I’ll take him!


The necklace. OMG, the necklace. He loved Rachel so madly and deeply that he bought her the perfect gift, even though she had no idea about his feelings. Swoon.

The routine to end all routines. Okay, so the routine is insanely weird, and totally bizarre, but the guy could dance.


He was all about impressing whoever he was on a date with. Ross did wild and stupid things in the name of love that it was hilarious to watch. He wore tight leather pants, became Miss Hawaiian Tropic (aka the nickname he was given after too much tanning) and even whitened his teeth to a very bright white. LOL.

Prom-gate. Wow, this guy just kept getting better. Back in high school he couldn’t stand the idea of Rachel going to prom alone (her date was a no show), so he got dressed in a tuxedo and grabbed flowers from his house so he could take her. Her lame date did show up, but it’s the thought that counts.


We dig the protective vibe. Yes, Ross got really neurotic when he was dating Rach, but in all fairness he just really cared about her. In hindsight, he probably should’ve been less protective (it led her to break up with him and then the whole “we were on a break” era), but hey, he won her back in the end so it all worked out.

He was all about making his girl comfortable. Case and point, the tuck and roll tactic. He cuddled for her benefit, but then rolled her away from him so that he could sleep comfortably. Genius.


The Joey and Rachel mistake. Ross was willing to put aside his feelings for Rachel to make her happy and to let his best friend have a chance at happiness as well. Talk about being selfless. Side note: This storyline killed me.

He was a nerd that totally turned hot. This is just an added bonus. He was a total dork in high school and college and even though his job was nerdy (he was a smartie, so whatever), he was pretty darn attractive.


Taking one for the team. Ross was SO into Emily that he decided to sacrifice his safety and play rugby to win her heart and respect. It was a little insane but it brought back Red Ross, so that was fantastic.

Power of positive thinking. How can someone not like Ross’s positive outlook on life? He made every situation more awesome and fun to be in.

He fully got behind “the lobster” idea. If you find someone who believes they are your one true love, aka your lobster, then you are a very lucky person, indeed.


Ex wedding support. Even though Ross and Carol’s relationship didn’t work he eventually got over it and then in return walked her down the aisle. This shows his love for the people in his life and how awesome he was as a human being.

He was all about the big gestures. Remember when he flew to London to surprise Emily and waited in the rain because she was in New York? What about the time he pushed his wedding forward so that Emily could get married in the ruins of her favorite church? Clearly, he nailed it in the big gestures department.

Musical talent, or lack there of. Nothing sweeps you off your feet like someone who can play a musical instrument. Sadly, Ross was pretty terrible as a musician, but he did try and that has to count for something.


Monkey love. Sure, your average person has a pet dog, but Ross had Marcel the monkey and he was obsessed with him. Their relationship was hilariously cute and made me love him more. Come on, if he cared even half as much about you as he did about that darn monkey, you’d be one lucky person.

He wasn’t afraid to let out his inner child. He freaking loved dinosaurs and for some reason that was endearing.


Dedicated dad duty. Alright so this isn’t related to being a good significant other, but Ross was an amazing parent. What’s more attractive than someone who cares for their child? Nothing!

He made her get off the plane… aka he won at love. She got off the plane because of his romantic speech. It was magical.


Love him or hate him, Ross was the best boyfriend, significant other, baby daddy and best friend. He was all about the romance and love and had everything you should look for in a mate. Marry me, Ross Geller!

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