These models are fighting for a law that would ban crazy pressure on models to be “ultra thin”

We are living in a golden age of body positivity in which, for the first time in modern memory, a wide spectrum of body types are being celebrated as glamorous, desirable, and beautiful. We are also living in a dark age of body negativity in which it has never been easier for trolls to shame women for their bodies through the invisibility cloak of the Internet. Even women whose appearances strictly adhere to the most narrow and conventional standards of beauty find their Instagrams torn to shreds in the comments sections.

We live in both ages. We live in confused times. We applaud the people who are committed to expanding the definition of what it means to be beautiful, to make this age a total and complete golden age, which is why today we are celebrating young models Rosie Nelson and Hayley Hasselhoff who are spearheading a movement to protect models from an industry that often pressures young women to reach and maintain dangerously low weights.

Today, the two models are delivering a petition signed by a whopping 113,000 people to the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), a multi-partisan group committed to ensure that the modeling industry becomes a body-positive space in which young women are not asked to sacrifice their health for their careers, and has just launched an inquiry into the matter.

As BT reports, Australian-born 23-year-old model Rosie Nelson was inspired to spearhead the campaign when she herself was asked to lose a scary amount of weight before a modeling agency would even consider taking her on as a client. As Nelson explained to ITV’s Lorraine show:

Nelson’s body-positivity partner-in-awesomeness Hayley Hasselhoff (Yes, the last name sounds familiar because she is indeed the progeny of Baywatch‘s famous David) insisted in the same interview that personal health is a non-negotiable:

Chair of the APPG’s body image group, Member of Parliament Caroline Nokes, told the BBC the results she and her colleagues hope to achieve via this inquiry.

We are thrilled that these women are working so thoughtfully and diligently to make the modeling industry a truly body-positive space, and our fingers are tightly crossed that they get real results, both for the health of the models themselves, and the many young women who take their body image cues from the media.

(Image via Instagram.)

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