The “Roseanne” revival is going to ignore something pretty massive about the original show

You’ve probably already heard the good news. But our favorite TV family of the ’90s is back! The eight-episode Roseanne revival will air on ABC. And, much to our delight, it will ignore the series-ending death of John Goodman’s Dan.

“Dan is very much alive, a source told TVLine. “They’re going to pretend like it never even happened.

Praise be. For those of you who weren’t total Roseanne addicts, the series finale included a number of world-shaking revelations. The twists revealed much of season 9 to have been a figment of the title character’s imagination — as if she had been dreaming the world she wanted. But none of it was true, including Dan’s survival from a heart attack in Season 8. Turns out, he died.

But no more!

According to TV Line, “pretty much ‘everything that went down’ in the series finale will be ignored when the revival launches in Spring 2018.”

You might be wondering how a hit TV show could have gotten away with such a bizarre ending that basically undid the whole rest of the show. As Bustle reports, in the ’90s, TV hadn’t yet embraced the reboot craze that we see today.

The show didn’t need to have an open-ended finale, because no one was planning on it ever coming back.

Some of the earth-shattering news delivered in the finale included that the Conners never won the lottery, Jackie was actually always a lesbian, Becky is married to David, and Darlene is married to Mark.

And, finally, we learned that Dan had actually died of that heart attack at the end of Season 8.

This show was such a major part of our upbringing. We love reliving our childhoods, so we’re glad to see that the writers of the reboot have found a way to circumvent these definitive statements about the show’s characters.

We can’t help but wonder, though: how will they handle the two Beckys?