ABC just dropped the first official “Roseanne” picture, and that sound you hear is us screaming

One of the *best* things to happen in 2017? The wave of TV reboots. Sorry, not sorry; we love when we have the chance to appreciate our faves again, especially newer and updated and more culturally sensitive versions of them. On that note, ABC dropped the first official photo from the Roseanne revival, and we just screamed so loud at least one office window shattered. Worth it!

The first look at the Roseanne revivalis everything fans want from the sitcom legend.

It arrives via Entertainment Weekly, and is packed with gems: Roseanne’s bemused expression? So great. Dan looking like he’s trying to explain something? Makes sense. Darlene in the bed with Roseanne, neither one of them particularly keen on whatever Dan has to say? It all makes sense.

There’s just something so cozy about a good, solid revival, especially with a classic like this. The writers’ room already looks good, too; comedians like Wanda Sykes and Whitney Cummings are on-board and we’re INTO IT. It’s been too long since we’ve heard wisecracks from the Conners, and we know these ladies will deliver.

Literally every OG star is coming back for the revival, including the one you’re wondering about.

Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Johnny Galecki, Michael Fishman, Laurie Metcalf, and Alicia Goranson are all putting the Conner family back together. But wait, you’re def asking right now, wasn’t the original Becky (Goranson) famously replaced in 1993 by another actress?

She was indeed, and that actress — oh, you know, Sarah Chalke from Scrubs — is coming back all the same. Her role has not yet been revealed yet, but we can’t wait to see what happens.

Roseanne comes back to ABC in 2018!