Rose McGowan is calling out Photoshopping like a boss

Rose McGowan has been killing it lately. First, she dropped her directorial debut, the short film Dawn. Then, she called out Adam Sandler’s ridiculously sexist audition notes for his latest project. Then, she gave an interview that should go in the Hollywood history books. And now, she’s taking on Photoshop with the kind of shade it takes years of practice to master.

McGowan — who has always been a strong and inspiring woman who has no problem courting controversy or telling the world what’s what — posted a brillz Flashback Friday on her Instagram last week. The shot features a throwback pic to one of her oh-so-1990s perfect looks, and alongside it is a more recent picture of her in a very similar outfit.

But the post wasn’t meant to show that even a couple of decades later she can still rock a sleeveless turtleneck. The caption was a simple, to the point comment about a sneaky edit done on both photos.

“They airbrushed out my cleft chin #thenandnow,” she writes.

With just a few short words, McGowan hits the nail on the head. A decade or two may have passed between these pictures, but the outdated standards that make Photoshopping women the norm definitely haven’t. And what are they Photoshopping here? The shape of her chin.

Although recently the popular editing software has come under fire, there’s still a long way to go before Photoshopping is an exception, rather than the rule. Her flashback perfectly illustrates that issue, and why it’s seriously time things change.

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