Rose McGowan may have just instagrammed her opinion of a “Charmed” reboot

There’s no need to cast any more spells, fellow witches. The CW has confirmed that a Charmed reboot is, in fact, in the works. But, fans of the early 2000s drama might take issue with the fact that the original cast is not slated to star in the reboot, even though Holly Combs confirmed in April that she and the rest of the Halliwell girls would love to be involved.

Those who were stirring the cauldron in hopes of sparking a reunion of the OG Halliwell sisters are now left disappointed. Paige Halliwell, aka Rose McGowan, even posted a picture on Instagram — in which she not-so-subtly explained her opinion of the reboot.

McGowan captioned the pic, “Irreplaceable.” Our hearts hurt.

According to Us Weekly, the Charmed reboot will be set in 1976, thirty years before the original show ended its run. This fact alone leads us to speculate that the prequel might revolve around an earlier generation of Halliwell sisters. Although, TVLine reporter, Michael Ausiello, writes, “I’m hearing the potential series revolves around three witches who are brought together to fight evil in a small New England town circa 1976.” He even provides us with a tentative character bios.

Sounds like a promising premise, although the absence of Paige, Piper, Prue, and Phoebe is throwing fans for a loop.

Since the news of the prequel has been broken, Charmed fans have been sharing their own opinions on Twitter. Most are unsure how this whole thing is going to work out –

– but others are hopeful that the new series will bring the Charmed fan family back together after ten long years.

Although this reboot may not be exactly what the fans asked for, let’s go into it with an open mind and positive spirit. You never know if you’ll like something or not until you try it, right?

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