Rose McGowan urges her fellow actors to take a stand after her sexual assault story

Rose McGowan just penned an honest and open letter to all of Hollywood urging everyone to speak out against anyone they’d consider a “predator,” and it’s so inspiring.

The Charmed actress posted a letter to her Twitter followers on Monday asking them to stand up and speak out if they’ve ever been a victim of predator tactics or felt abused (mentally or physically) in the workplace.

McGowan began her letter by addressing it, “Dear Hollywood.” It was followed by a smart and confident piece of writing that is inspirational to men and women alike.

"To the women and men in the entertainment industry who know exactly whom and what I am talking about, I say be brave. Do not work with those you know to be offenders or you are no better than they," McGowan wrote.

"Take a stand. You are culpable for your actions," she continued. "Stop rewarding sociopaths. Every time you sanction abhorrent behavior, you are aiding and abetting a crime."

The 43-year-old actress opened up about being sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive last week on Twitter as well, so her words are even more powerful here — and should definitely be taken seriously.

"How many more stories do you have to hear before you do the right thing and stop rewarding men that are predators?" she asked.

"Why are you so cowardly that you would take the softer, easier way out? I can tell you this, your soul is a blighted one if you do so. Your personal legacy, the very fabric of your being, is at stake, so fight for it," The Tell-Tale Heart actress added.

"I know you have it in you to be better. I know you have it in you to break free from the bonds of secrecy. So do it," she concluded.

Wow, you go girl! McGowan isn’t afraid to speak up and share her story, and now she is encouraging everyone to do the same.

She even re-tweeted the information to a survivor hotline for those in need.

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