Rose McGowan had the best interview, ever

We’ve seen a lot of Rose McGowan in the news lately. Last week, the actress and director spoke out against a casting note she received for an Adam Sandler movie. The note required McGowan to wear a “form fitting,” cleavage-friendly outfit to a casting call, and this wasn’t something the actress was willing to put up with — for obvious reasons — and she took to Twitter to express her problem with such gross instructions for an actor. On Tuesday, McGowan explained her frankness to  Entertainment Weekly. “It was just so dumb. I was offended by the stupidity more than anything,” McGowan said. “I was offended by the fact that went through so many people’s hands and nobody red flagged it. This is normal to so many people. It was probably even a girl that had to type it up. It’s institutionally okay.”

And today, it appears that McGowan is facing some backlash for her tweets and her interview with EW — she’s allegedly been dropped by her agent. According to the New York Times, “a woman who answered the phone at the Los Angeles-based Innovative Artists and did not give her name, said the agency had stopped representing Ms. McGowan as of Wednesday.”

But what we’re really focused on today, is McGowan’s rad interview with Gawker. Published yesterday, it really reflects on the many problems within Hollywood — from the ongoing issue of sexism, to the negative effects Hollywood can have on a person. The interview is brazen, honest, and seriously rad. Here are some of our fave moments:

Why we should have more women writers:

“I mean, the sad part is that there are a lot of male writers and they’re told to write what they know and they write men. That’s how we come up with some not very complex characters.”

How actors can be manipulated in  Hollywood:

“A lot of agents aren’t supportive of their talent in any way. Nobody’s understood how to represent me, which is why, other than film publicists, I currently have no representation other than my lawyer. I don’t need it. She said, “If you do this movie for Warner Bros, they’ll stick you in the next Clint Eastwood movie.” OK, I do the stupid movie, I’m trying to have an out-of-body experience the whole time, like, “How is this happening to me? I can’t believe I agreed to do this.” And I did it, I brought it, ‘cause that’s what I do. And it was silly and, whatever, harmless. But not really—it was really harmful to me…And of course, I come to find out that the Clint Eastwood people didn’t know me from Adam. She just straight-up lied. And that was very common in my history.”

On ageism and a female actor’s “expiration date” in the film industry:

“I’m not one of those people that goes on TV and gives everybody updates on my current movements. I’m a businesswoman, I own a lot of businesses, a lot of real estate, I’m kind of a baller in many other worlds. This one I came back to a year and a half ago, like, “Oh wait, I’m an artist. Hey, OK, I got this.” Has nothing to do with my age, nothing to do with disappearing roles. I disappeared from the roles long before they disappeared from me ‘cause I didn’t care.”

How being famous can mess you up:

“It f*cked me up. It didn’t f*ck me up in terms of turning into a cliche. I was never arrested, I never did any of that stuff. I had always wanted to go dance on a table in a red dress but because of the environment at the time—the internet was crazy, it was the Lindsay Lohan era—I just left. I was like, ‘Peace out, losers. This is not my bag. I’m not playing this game. I will not be for sale.’ I had a publicist that was like, ‘Why don’t you call me one day when you’re looking cute?’ I was like, ‘Excuse me?’ She said, ‘We’ll send our photographer down so we can get coverage, you know if you’re in a store and you look cute.’ I was like, ‘What?’ I thought about it for about two seconds and was like, “I absolutely cannot do that.”

On being the amazing Rose McGowan:

“I had a very colorful life way before Hollywood. I spent my life surviving. And I’m not in survival mode right now and that’s an amazing thing.”

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