Rose gold hair is the magical fairy dust of hair trends

How hard do you love rose gold? It’s a beautiful blend of pinks and gold with a touch of violet. It can also appear as a more peachy shade with a touch of purple. Regardless of how you define it, you know it when you see it. And when you see it, you know it, especially since it’s been popping up everywhere from iPhones to eyeshadows.

Lately, however, we’re seeing rose gold emerge in one of our favorite places to experiment: on our hair! It’s not pastel, it’s not blonde, it might be in the same family as strawberry blonde, but whenever you see it on someone’s head, all you can think is, I CAN HAZ THAT?!

It’s easy to see why rose gold is so in-demand as a hair color. It’s  basically strobing for your hair, as the color instantly adds dimension and warmth to your strands. It also gives a romantic, glowy, high-fashion fairy vibe to your look.

Plus, with the right cut and in the right lighting, it also looks pretty natural, so it’s easier to get away with in more conservative settings. Is this what hair color heaven is like?

See for yourself:

(Images via Instagram)