You can add edible rose gold glitter to your Prosecco and make your fave drink look magical

If you love champagne and the color pink, the U.K.-based company Lakeland has just created the product of your dreams: rose gold glitter to add to your Prosecco. Put half a spoonful of the shimmery powder in your Prosecco, and it’ll instantly turn the drink pink and glowing — in short, your glass of champagne will look straight-up magical.

But wait, it gets better — the powder contains flakes of heart-shaped gold to bring your Prosecco game to the next level. This is the party drink of dreams.

Check out the final product of Prosecco combined with rose gold shimmer. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

A simple way to make the fanciest drink even fancier? Yes, please!

As of right now, “Raspberry Shimmer Pop a Ball For Prosecco” is only available for purchase in the UK (*Silent sobbing*) But, with any luck, it’ll make its way to shops across the pond sooner rather than later.