This “Summer Water” rosé club is known for its 1,000-person waitlist for an amazing reason

Nix the yacht club membership and throw out the idea of joining a golf club. The hottest association you’ll want to join this summer is Winc’s Summer Water Societé Rosé Club. And honey, you better act fast. According to Bustle, last year, Winc’s Summer Water Societé amassed a waitlist of 1,000 people because the club is just that hot.

What makes this membership so desirable? According to the digital winery’s site, with a premium membership, Winc will supply you with three shipments of their Summer Water Rosé throughout the summer. These three shipments will guarantee you’ll have enough rosé to last you from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the site claims. (Okay, yeah, that’s a club we want to join.)

And this is no run-of-the-mill rosé, people. This pink pleasure is described on the Winc site as "dry, light and perfectly crisp — with notes of strawberry, pink grapefruit and white peach. Drink it chilled with the ones you love." It's basically summer lovin' in a bottle.

Here’s how the membership works. First, you’ll want to hop on the membership list by May 15th. Otherwise, you’re out of luck. Then, if and when you’re accepted into the club, you’ll have to shell out $350 dollars to receive your three shipments of Summer Water.

Now, don’t let that sum shock you. That $350 will get you a total of six Limited Edition Screen-Printed Magnum bottles of Summer Water (each Magnum bottle is equal to six regular-sized bottles of rosé), and a 24-pack of Summer Water Droplets (which equals another six regular-sized bottles).

If you do the math, for $350 you’ll receive 18 bottles of rosé over the course of three months — May through June. We’ll cheers to that.

You can sign up for the Summer Water Rosé club waitlist on Winc’s website. And with a potential 1,000 people already ahead of you, you’re going to want to do so ASAP. But even if you don’t make it into the elusive premium Summer Water rosé club, you can still get your hands on Winc membership. Sign up and receive four bottles of Winc wine of your choice each month. The bottles arrive at your doorstep and shipping is free.

Do what’s right for your summer soul and join the Summer Water Societé. And if you’re feeling generous, share a glass with us.

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