Rose Byrne just dropped a major truth bomb about sexism in Hollywood

Sexism in Hollywood has been a major topic of conversation as of late and one of our favorite actresses Rose Byrne recently had some strong words about the subject.

As she told the Guardian, she’s 100% behind the ACLU’s investigation into gender discrimination in the industry.

“It’s not being put down to good old-fashioned misogyny, it’s actually [asking] why is this quietly tolerated? Why has this been a silent agreement for the last however many years.

This is discrimination. And that’s illegal. It’s very interesting, long overdue and quite frankly exciting to see it being taken as seriously as it should be.”

It’s thrilling to hear an actress we so admire speak so passionately and unapologetically on the topic of gender parity in the entertainment industry. She makes no excuses for the behavior, deeming it “illegal,” which it, of course, 100% is.  Byrne is absolutely right, the discrimination against women in Hollywood has been a toxic tradition in the industry and it is high time this unacceptable behavior was shut down for good.

We’ve long been able to count on Rose Byrne to be a total feminist superhero when it comes to Hollywood shenanigans.

In 2013, she told the Times Magazine, “I think of myself as a feminist. Most of what we currently know and think about gender originated in mythology, so it’s a myth that men have an inherent right to be in power.”

She’s also long been a champion of women in comedy.

“I’d love to get to a day when people didn’t say ‘Wow, we didn’t know women were so funny’ and we have to be like, ‘What? We’re not a group of dolphins!’ ” she recently told Vogue Australia. 

Of course, her biggest feminist move in the world of filmmaking was this year when she started her own all-female production company, The Dollhouse Collective.

We love how much butt Rose Byrne kicks onscreen AND offscreen, and we’re so grateful to her for working so hard to be a feminist force of good in the film world.

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