Rose Byrne opened up about working with Louis C.K.—and why he shouldn’t get to make a surprise comeback

In August, Louis C.K. performed a surprise comedy set for the first time since admitting that he had masturbated in front of several women without their consent. The performance was met with anger from many of C.K.’s critics, and—it turns out—some of the comedian’s former coworkers. Rose Byrne recently revealed that she feels C.K. shouldn’t be permitted to perform in front of audiences unannounced.

In a November 23rd interview with The New York Times, Byrne discussed working with C.K. on his movie I Love You, Daddy, which has been put on hold since his sexual misconduct came to light. The Instant Familyactress also addressed C.K.’s behavior, saying that she stood with his victims. When asked if it was too soon for C.K. to make a comeback, Byrne replied, “It’s too soon for him to have a surprise one, that’s for sure.”

"I think if he’s going to show up, just let everybody know so then they can make a decision, like, 'I don’t want to see this guy—I’m out,'" she continued"It’s also the gatekeepers around these things who give people the chance to have a comeback. They’re actually really powerful. I would like to see them being held accountable a little bit more."

The actress said that while working C.K.’s film, she “had a very respectful experience.” But she also acknowledged that she stands with the women who came forward against C.K. and said that her feelings about the movie were “obviously very complicated.”

"It is conflicting when you commit to something, just from my experience of, 'Wow, this is a really weird, dark story—I’m intrigued by it.' And then it becomes a much bigger thing than what it is," she said. "I think it will be a while before that film can be seen, and I think that’s right."

Byrne also noted that the #MeToo movement still has “far to go,” and with accused men like C.K. still getting opportunities and platforms to work on, we agree. You can see Byrne in Instant Family—in theaters now.

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