Rose Byrne posted the sweetest throwback pic of when she and Heath Ledger were teenagers

On August 1st, actress Rose Byrne posted the most bittersweet of throwbacks. Byrne shared a photo on Instagram of when she and the late Heath Ledger starred in a small Australian movie together—almost 20 years ago. In 1999, Byrne and Ledger played Alex and Jimmy in the Australian film Two Hands. It’s a witty suspense flick centered around Ledger’s Jimmy, who’s on the run from a local gang after he loses $10,000 of dirty money. Byrne plays his love interest Alex, who joins him on the lamb.

"Twenty years ago!" Byrne wrote in the caption of the pic. "Two Hands! aussie kids on their first film. my own vintage polyester frock for $18. just bleached my hair in kitchen sink. Heath trying to be serious 🙃 goofball 💛."

Before Two Hands, Byrne, who’s acting repertoire includes Bridesmaids and the Insidious franchise, had only acted in a handful of television shows. Ledger, who also had television experience, starred in 10 Things I Hate About You that same year (aka the movie that propelled him to heartthrob status).

Ten years after Ledger’s death, Byrne spoke about her friend while judging Australians in Film’s Heath Ledger Scholarship Competition.

Byrne said, "Heath and I met as young 18-year-old actors in Sydney on Two Hands. He supported me so much in LA with his lovely spirit, always giving me a place to stay, always getting me into rooms to audition. I’m delighted to be part of a scholarship that honors this generosity, by giving young actors an opportunity to begin and build their careers."

Check out the trailer to the 1999 film below.

Ledger is still greatly missed by fans and fellow actors alike, and we’re so grateful friends like Byrne are keeping his legacy alive.

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