There’s a new “Gilmore Girls” photo of Rory and Logan together and we’re FREAKING OUT

It’s one of the greatest debates in pop culture history: Which of Rory Gilmore’s boyfriends do you think is best? Dean is the nice guy. Jess is the complicated but quietly thoughtful guy. And Logan is the charming but often arrogant guy. Every Gilmore Girls fan knows their answer and will defend it to the death.

Other boys came and went, but Dean, Jess and Logan are the three relationships that have stuck with us after all these years. Fortunately, we get to see all three boys—though we suppose they’re men now—in Gilmore Girls: Seasons. And actress Alexis Bledel just had an off-screen reunion with one of them: Matt Czuchry, aka Logan.

Actor Tanc Sade, who plays Finn in the series, posted the pic to Facebook with a cryptic caption, teasing the one thing everyone is dying to know: Is Rory dating one of the three guys? We don’t know what role Logan will play yet. Friend? Boyfriend? Run-in at a Yale alumni event? Only time will tell.

If you’re on #TeamLogan, this photo is probably giving you LIFE right now. But even if you aren’t, you can still appreciate how amazing it is that IT’S. ALL. HAPPENING!

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