We’ve got the full video of Rory Gilmore at the White House and it’s everything


The other day when First Lady Michelle Obama got a Snapchat (and we all freaked out) she started posting images and video to her account of the one and only Alexis Bledel hanging out with her (and we all freaked out). Obviously, our minds jumped to Gilmore Girls, and our collective thought was OMG, DOES THIS MEAN WHAT WE THINK IT MEANS?

Yes, and also no. No, Mrs. Obama is not going to stop by Stars Hollow. But does Rory stop by the White House? YEAH SHE DOES. And she brings along the most Rory gift ever for the First Lady: dozens of books.

The Gilmore Girls Twitter shared an adorable video of these two smart ladies hanging out, and it’s actually not Bledel hanging out with Mrs. Obama, but Rory. OMG.

The whole video is part of Mrs. Obama’s current Let Girls Learn campaign — one that HelloGiggles is a part of!! — and who better to help kick this off than the 2003 Chilton Valedictorian? false

Lorelai sends her regards and a gift, too: Poptarts. Because she can’t cook. And Mrs. Obama is the best at graciously accepting them.

You can follow along with Mrs. Obama’s whole Let Girls Learn journey on her Snapchat, and know that Rory will be following along, too — whenever she finally decides to leave the Map Room at the White House.

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