Rory’s current housing situation on “Gilmore Girls” is actually relatable AF

We should probably talk about the elephant in the room, Gilmore Girls mega-fans. You know the one. The one where Rory’s life situation in the Gilmore Girls revival should be totally disconcerting, but it isn’t. Because even though her world is in total and complete upheaval, you understand it. More than anything, the youngest Gilmore’s situation is actually relatable. Why? Because none of us really have it figured out, either.

Rory’s life and housing situation isn’t totally surprising for a twenty- or thirty-something millennial. But as even Rory says herself, it is a bit surprising when it comes to her.

Rory was always the person who was impossibly proactive and put-together. To witness her, of all people, moving back home with Lorelai and Luke is surprising. Not to mention that she’s stuck in a non-relationship with Logan that’s comfortable but effectively going nowhere. And another relationship with Paul, who even she forgets about. And she has a career that’s entirely unstable.

It isn’t what most fans probably had in mind for Rory’s trajectory when they heard a Gilmore Girls sequel was in the works.

But perhaps the best part of Rory’s situation is that she is exactly the last character people would expect to be in such a disarray.

Rory isn’t flaunting a stacked resume and a seemingly perfect relationship. Instead, she’s struggling with what many now grown-up Gilmore Girls fans are struggling with. She’s in what the revival calls as a “rut” — and many of us can relate.

In a time of economic, political, and social uncertainty, feeling lost like Rory is kind of the common thread that many young adults share. Most fans can relate to being financially unstable. Or they can relate to feeling embarrassed to still admit they live with their parents. And yes, some can even relate to unintentionally going commando. We bet that there were quite a few fans yelling “Same!” at their TV screens. But the connection to Rory’s situation doesn’t even have to be that blatant for you to “get it.”

Whether you directly identify with Rory’s nomadic lifestyle, casual approach to dating and love, or the uncertainty of her career, there’s one overarching theme that’s one-size-fits-all.

It’s that our adult selves are not who our younger selves thought we would be. And that isn’t always a bad thing.

Sometimes, our life plans going awry is what redirects us to the path we were meant to be on all along.

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