Jess, Logan, and Dean will all have ~closure~ with Rory in “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”

There are three teams, and choose wisely: Team Jess, Team Dean, or Team Logan?

Gilmore Girls fans have been divided over this question from the very beginning. Rory’s love live was never necessarily the driving factor during the seven year run of Gilmore Girls, but it was a BIG DEAL for us. With news that all three of these leading men will return, in some capacity, for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, but we can’t hope but wonder (aka, root) for Rory to end up with one of them.

But what happens if Rory ends up with…none of them?

This is also an idea, and one that’s been tossed around for a while. Alexis Bledel (and Lauren Graham) have stated before that sometimes the “Team” talk gets to be too much, and she’d much rather have us focus on Rory, and her accomplishments. We get that. But there’s nothing stopping Rory from being an accomplished lady with an attractive dude.


However, we might want to start preparing our hearts emotionally for Rory to turn away from Jess, Dean, AND Logan during  A Year in the Life. In a new interview with Us Weekly, Bledel comments that all three of them have “closure” — and closure means closed. As in over. As in D-O-N-E.

"It think there is satisfying closure for any fans of any of the three couples that tend to get some attention," Bledel explains. "But they’re very different interactions. I would say each one of them [gets] closure in a different way."

Here’s what we know about the guys so far: Dean just drops in for one episode, quickly. Meanwhile, Jess and Logan both stop by for three and four episodes, respectively. These last two haven’t really hinted at their interaction with Rory a whole lot (aside from Milo being like, “What happens if Jess isn’t Team Rory?“), but from Bledel’s comment…it kinda sounds like none of them will be sticking around Stars Hollow ~forever~.

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