Rory Culkin’s Nude Scene with a Glass Fruit Bowl Has Fans Riled Up

The actor revealed a whole lot in the new Amazon Prime series ‘Swarm.’

Netflix’s Sex/Life may no longer be the raunchiest series out there, according to fans who tuned into the pilot episode of Prime Video’s new show Swarm. The thriller series follows a R&B singer’s bewitched fan, Dre, whose compulsive obsession with the superstar turns sinister following a death.

However, that’s not what has fans buzzing — it’s actor Rory Culkin’s nude cameo.

Culkin portrays Dominique Fishback’s character’s sexy one night stand in episode one. The pair meet at a nightclub grinding on the dance floor before escaping to a nearby staircase for a steamy makeout.

In the next scene, a naked Culkin is seen moseying around the kitchen preparing Dre breakfast. Fans get a titillating view of Culkin as he saunters back to the bed and presents Dre a bowl of strawberries.

The camera then pans to the transparent bowl Culkin’s holding, giving fans an intimate view of his p*nis.

Dre’s jaw wasn’t the only one to hit the floor. Twitter is seriously hot and bothered over Culkin baring it all.

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“Uhm I’m sorry Rory Culkin in Swarm has me feeling some type of way and I need 2 cut it out!!!!” one fan tweeted.

Another said, “didn’t have rory culkin full frontal with strawberries directed by childish gambino on my 2023 bingo card but here we are #Swarm #SwarmOnPrime.”

“i think rory culkin should have more scenes in everything,” a person commented on a Culkin appreciation post.

“Watched the first episode of Swarm last weekend. Shout out to Rory Culkin’s d*ck smashed up against a bowl of strawberries,” someone else tweeted.

All seven episodes of Swarm are now streaming on Prime Video. Fans say just one stone was left unturned: did Culkin wear a prosthetic?

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