Rory’s conversation with Christopher is *so* much more heartbreaking after you know the last four words of “Gilmore Girls”

Rory Gilmore is a force to be reckoned with, and in the words of the late, great Richard Gilmore, “What she tackles, she conquers.” Now that we know the last four words of Gilmore Girls, it appears as if Rory’s next great adventure is on the horizon: She’s going to be a MOM. It’s a lot to digest, and maybe you’re still crying over the ending of the Gilmore Girls revival, A Year in the Life. Grab another box of tissues, because you might start crying again after you really stop and think about the conversation Rory has with her dad, Christopher, towards the end of the episode, “Fall.”

After some encouragement from Jess (❤️), Rory has has decided to write a book about her and her mom, and their life/relationship. Her mom, at first, is not on board with this idea and outright rejects it, though eventually she comes around. Rory also happens to bump into Dean (ok, fine, he can get a heart, too ?) and mentions the book to him, asking for permission to use him in the story. Dean agrees.

Knowing this, it sure sounds like Rory is just going around asking those closest to her for their permission to feature them in her novel. It makes total sense that she goes to see Christopher, to tell him her big plan.


Or is she telling Christopher about her book? Their conversation quickly shifts to Rory asking Christopher about his decision to stay out of her life while she was growing up. She presses him for answers as to why he was an absent father, and if it was his decision, or Lorelai’s.



At this point in “Fall,” you figure that Rory is simply asking him these questions to use them in her book. Now fastfoward to the end of the revival, when Rory drops the Gilmore Girls bombshell: She’s pregnant.

Now if you really feel the need to tug on all your heartstrings, go back and watch this scene with Christopher. She’s not talking to him about her book; she’s talking to him about the fact that she’s already made up her mind to raise her baby on her own (with the help of Lorelai, and Lane, and probably Paris, and also all of Stars Hollow). And for the sake of this discussion, let’s all admit what we know in our hearts: Logan is the father.


This scene is so poignant because going into the revival, we learned that Logan was always supposed to be like Christopher. History is repeating itself, and Rory’s trying to figure out how to proceed. Might as well go and ask for first-hand perspective as to if she’s about to make the right decision — for her, and her future baby.

At the end of the conversation, it really feels like she’s made up her mind, and she’s going to go it alone, just like her mom did. But this time around, this Gilmore girl isn’t going to be alone. Oh gosh no, NEVER. She’s going to have the elder Gilmore by her side the entire time. And probably Kirk.

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