Badass Ronda Rousey is turning the tables on this classic ’80s movie

Ronda Rousey’s next opponent has us cheering like crazy for her. Instead of taking on someone in the ring, she’s about to take on all of Hollywood with a remake of the movie Road House. While remakes are everywhere right now, what Rousey is about to do is not: she’s going to play the role originated by Patrick Swayze. Switched up gender roles? We’re in!

The role is also perfect for Rousey. If it hadn’t originally starred the late, great Swayze, it might have been written for her all along. Road House is about a bouncer (or in the movie, a “cooler”) who relocates from New York City to Jasper, Missouri, where he’s hired to clean up a brand new club there. And “clean up” means to get rid of the bad guys, save the town from a corrupt business man, and fall in love with the doctor in the town who cleans him up.

Rousey has been eager to start acting, and she’s already appeared in a handful of movies with quick cameos, and will star in the biopic of her life, too. But this is is going to be her first real, big headlining action movie. Before signing on, though, Rousey wanted to reach out to Swayze’s widow, Lisa Niemi. According to Variety, Niemi gave Rousey her “blessing” for the film, and Rousey has already promised to live up to Swayze’s legacy.

Writing on Twitter, she wants “to make sure this project is a tribute his family and fans can be proud of.” So not only is she a ridiculously tough fighter, she’s also the sweetest.

The movie doesn’t yet have a writer or director for this remake, but right now all it needs is Rousey. OK, it’ll eventually need a writer, and a director, but for now, we’re just happy that Rousey is set to completely crush this gender-reversal reboot.

(Image via United Artists)


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