Say it ain’t so — Ronda Rousey announced that she’ll be retiring soon

When you’re 29-years-old, you might not be thinking about the end of your career. But for Ronda Rousey, retiring will likely happen in the near future. Rousey, a mixed martial artist and judoka, is pretty much the definition of a kick-ass lady, and while we’ll be sad to see her last fight, we totally understand where she’s coming from.

Ranked as the #1 pound-for-pound female MMA fighter worldwide, Rousey appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show the other day and said that her next big fight, the UFC 207, will probably be her last.

"This is definitely one of my last fights. Everyone better watch, because the show isn’t going to be around forever," Rousey said.

The fight will happen on December 30th, and it’ll definitely be a must-watch for her fans. Her last fight was about a year ago.

"I do a lot of running, jumping, climbing trees," Rousey said when DeGeneres asked about how she typically trains for matches.


For the UFC 207, Rousey will be up against Amanda Nunes, also known as “The Lioness,” from Brazil. While Rousey’s record is 12-1, Nunes is at 13-4. It’ll definitely be a nail-biter.

While we’re sad to see Rousey leave the ring, we know she’ll definitely have quite the career after retirement. Don’t forget, she actually hosted Saturday Night Live last season, and did a pretty great job.

Who knows? Maybe she’ll have a shot at a second round of hosting. Or, maybe she’ll be asked on another show. Maybe she’ll even take on a brand new sport. The possibilities are truly endless.

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