This Ron Swanson makeup tutorial isn’t the makeup tutorial we need, but it’s the one we deserve

Even if you’re not a fan of Parks and Recreation, chances are you know who Ron Swanson is.

Your friends who watch the show have probably spouted some of his epic statements about life to you, and you’re probably aware that the best one is, “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”

Or maybe you just know Ron Swanson because the actor behind the legend—Nick Offerman—is married to Megan Mullally, and that’s fine too. Either way, you will appreciate this!

It’s hard, then, to think why you wouldn’t want to live your best life as Ron Swanson does, and maybe take up a carpentry class or two in between eating steak and whiskey dinners.

Makeup artist Katelyn Galloway (aka Kiki G) took Ron Swanson’s advice about “whole-assing,” and transformed into Ron Swanson! No joke.

Of course she made a video to document this bizarre and wonderful experiment, recognizing it’s unusual nature. “Today I’m doing something a little different,” she says, before admitting, “my whole life has been leading up to this moment,” (and ours have too!).

Then, Galloway launches right into the transformation. And by transformation, we’re talking hair, mustache, even wrinkles! Yes, the whole nine yards.

And not only that, but Galloway totally nails his expressions. This is essential viewing, and you have to watch till the end because it gets really good.

Galloway has made several makeup videos on her YouTube channel, but after this one, her number of subscribers are sure to skyrocket. It’s Ron Swanson! And she nailed the look (he would be so proud).

It’s also inspiring us to channel our inner-Ron Swanson, because he’s the man.

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