Ron Howard tweeted a photo from the Young Han Solo movie set — and fans had OPINIONS

Wow, things are moving fast on the set of the untitled Young Han Solo movie. Ron Howard is in as the new director of the film and apparently already hard at work. How do we know? Ron Howard tweeted a photo from his first day on set! But, don’t get too excited.

Howard’s tweet gives away basically no information.

After the previous directors of the film were fired (still shocked, TBH), Ron Howard joined the untitled Young Han Solo movie as the new director. As for that tweet, pretty much all that revealed is the fact he’s making sure to stay hydrated.

"Cool scene today but I'm afraid this is the most revealing image I dare share from my 1st day on the set of the Untitled Han Solo movie," he wrote, and posted a photo of some water bottles on the floor.

Of course, with all of the drama surrounding the movie, fans had mixed reactions to the new director — and even the film in general. Just how bad were things going, and how much can Ron Howard fix? And just what information can we glean from the photo?

Fans had opinions.

They jokingly tried to figure it out, and offered words of encouragement. false

Did you figure out the whole plot just by that one photo? Or did it just leave you with more questions? Who knows what’s happening over there but in general, people seem to like the idea of Howard as the director.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out. The untitled Young Han Solo movie is scheduled to be released May 25th, 2018.

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