Ron Howard continues to troll us on Twitter with pictures from the Young Han Solo movie

Hey, just because you’ve taken over the Young Han Solo movie for Lucasfilm, doesn’t mean you can get cocky, Ron Howard. But new responsibility hasn’t stopped the veteran director from, shall we say, having a little fun. Howard, who stepped behind the camera of the second stand-alone Star Wars movie, has once again taken to Twitter to share some behind-the-scenes pictures from filming.

Last week, he posted a photo of…water bottles? First photo from the Han Solo movie, and it’s of bottles on the ground. Cool.

And now, Howard has taken to posting a photo of…a closet. It’s very exciting.

[Ron Howard narrator voice] No, it was not. 

He captions the photo, “Can you guess whose closet this is?” and actually no, we cannot. It’s hard to tell exactly what the costumes are, and if they’re even *for* the Han Solo movie. But, from Howard’s hashtag, these outfits must be. They’re a little too bright and colorful for Han’s monochrome look of black pants, white shirt, and black vest. Might this be from Cloud City, home of Lando Calrissian and other beautiful things?

It might even be the color palette for Corellia, Han’s home planet. We’ve never actually visited Corellia during a Star Wars movie, and this might be what everyone’s wearing there. Because this sure doesn’t look like Tatooine.

Or maybe this is simply Howard’s closet, and he’s just showing off all his cool coats because that’s something he likes to do. Right now, these costumes are anyone’s guess, and we’re going to keep guessing until we know. The Young Han Solo movie is (supposedly) on track for a 2018 release, and we’ll find out one way or another then.

And in the mean time, uh, where can we snag that first red-yellow-grey coat? Asking for a friend.