Ron Howard narrated an “Arrested Development” and “Star Wars” mashup, and it’s like the Young Han Solo movie came early

Ron Howard took some time off from directing the upcoming Young Han Solo movie to make mashup magic. Howard is not only the new director of the Han Solo project. He has also served as the longtime narrator of Arrested Development. The mashup via Nerdist fuses the two and, appropriately, it’s titled “Arrested Rebellion.”

And seriously, it combines Howard’s two roles in the most perfect way.

Howard uses his narration skills to talk about the (original) Star Wars trilogy. The video introduces Luke, Leia, and — of course — Han Solo, similar to how Arrested Development explains the intertwined nature of its characters. It’s playful, goofy, and a whole lot of fun from start to finish.

The video acts like an episode of Arrested Development with Howard’s omniscient asides.

Much of the mashup focuses on Han Solo, and each cut hilariously explains the plot of the Star Wars movies. Only, this is done in a much more comedic way, with Howard dropping so much truth, and really keeping it real.

And, true to form, the video includes a tease at the end about what will happen in the upcoming season (or, episode if you will). It looks ahead to The Force Awakens, and finds a way to bring a bit of comedy to Han’s shocking and unexpected end.

Any chance to see Star Wars reimagined is a total treat. Combine it with the perennial cult comedy classic Arrested Development, which has another season on the way, and you have something absolutely unforgettable.

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