Twitter learned Ron Howard’s going to direct the Young Han Solo movie, swiftly delivered with “Arrested Development” jokes

It’s safe to say it has been *quite* a week for the Star Wars universe.

Three days ago, Chris Miller and Phil Lord, directors of the upcoming untitled Han Solo film — which has been filming for four months — were fired after facing creative differences with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy. Yesterday, Lucasfilm announced that A Beautiful Mind director Ron Howard would be taking over direction for the project — with production set to resume next month after a brief hiatus.

In the day between Lord and Miller’s firing and Howard’s confirmation, the Apollo 13 director had been cited as frontrunner for the replacement. So fans weren’t *exactly* surprised when Howard was officially named as Han Solo director. But they still took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

But, due to his role as executive producer and narrator of Arrested Development, Twitter also saw an opportunity to make plenty of Arrested Development narrator jokes:


Like, a *lot* of Arrested Development narrator jokes:

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It’s good to know that in a moment of turmoil — even Star Wars turmoil — Twitter will always come through with a thousand tweets of the same joke.