Romantic Tales: Let’s Just Skip Right To The Ending

I’ve got a weak spot for a good ending or relationship moment in books, movies, TV shows- even a fairly emotional commercial. When I find one I like- I watch them again and again- like over 15 times each at least. They are the perfect go-to for moments like “whoa, I think I told my crush I like them.” “My boyfriend dumped me.” “I didn’t get that job.” “My friend made out with my crush last night.” “I found out I don’t have enough credits to graduate.” “I ate an entire Tombstone pizza last night and three Fiber One bars.” – and so on. Just examples.

There’s nothing like watching the tension of a relationship between two characters build and then get paid off with a nice romantic moment or make-out scene when the pair finally gets together. So, as today is Valentine’s Day/Relationship Soul Searching Day, see a little bit of yourself in each of the female leads in the endings below, and let these films be your guide and/or distraction from your own emotional lives. I’ve suggested an alcohol, food or dessert pairing for each, as appropriate.

WARNING- salty tears face 60% likely. If you have not read or seen the following- please don’t read on. I’m only talking endings/big moments here and I promise I will ruin them for you if you choose to continue reading. To be discussed: Anne of Green Gables, Emma, Gilmore Girls, Bridget Jones’s Diary, New Girl and Downton Abbey.

Anne of Green Gables:
I’ve written about Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe before on HelloGiggles. The characters have one of my favorite relationships of all time. They meet when they are younger- and are intellectual equals. They fight/flirt all the time – you wait and wait for them to get together and finally when they are mature enough, they admit they like each other and do something about it. The part when they kiss for the first time is the best. If you haven’t seen it already you should probably order the 3-DVD set on or wait for PBS to play them back to back, which takes approximately 24 hours. WORTH IT.

Pair with: a glass of sauvignon blanc and PEI mussels (or pizza is probably fine too).

Jane Austin- you are too good at writing great female characters with attractive male love interests. Thank you. Emma is my favorite and also the inspiration for Clueless. Emma, like Cher, is a matchmaker, but never for herself. Although, often a bit too preoccupied by the social status of people, she’s pretty great. I admire her independence, tendency to be opinionated, and her pickiness in men. Throughout the story, it’s obvious that Mr. Knightley is the guy for her, literally takes the entire thing for them to finally tell each other they love each other. Which is fine because in those days, you pretty much just kiss once and then get married the next week. I would just fast forward throughout the movie and stop whenever you see just Emma and Mr. Knightly in a scene.

Pair with: more sauvignon blanc and something you made off of Pinterest.

Gilmore Girls:
OMG remember Rory and Dean? Yeah, me too- they were the worst. Dean was such a wet blanket. For me, it was all about Rory and Jess finally getting together. Although an overall brief moment in the series, it was great. Jess was just so brooding. If you’ve forgotten the feeling of them sneaking off to kiss on that pier or just the overall feeling you got when they were in the same scene- re-watch those bits. PS-Milo Ventimiglia – you are attractive.

Pair with: a beer, Chinese take-out or breakfast for dinner Rory/Lorelai style.

Bridget Jones’s Diary:
Bridget Jones’s Diary is one of my favorite modern day love stories. One, because it’s loosely based on Pride and Prejudice and two, I’ve never identified more with the clumsiness and awkwardness of a character more than B. Jones. While constantly complaining about her weight and the number of drinks she’s had, Bridget is charming. She’s just a girl looking for someone who appreciates her for who she is- rather than her skirt. That someone is Mark Darcy. She and Mark grew up together and while they learn to like each other- they just don’t get along at first. Mark seems rude and pompous to Bridget and to him she appears to be a mess. Fast forwarding to the part where Mark Darcy says “I like you- just the way you are” is sure to brighten any Valentine’s Day and simultaneously melt you into a puddle on your couch.

Pair with: chardonnay, vodka, mini gherkins and something you attempt to cook yourself (ie. blue soup).

New Girl:
Nick and Jess. That’s pretty much all I have to say. No one has waited longer for those two to get together than me AND IT’S ALL HAPPENING. I mean, the banter- the tension- it’s great. All the build up to the sneaky hallway kiss was worth it even though we’re still waiting to see if it will last.

Pair with: cheap beer and a slice of cake.

Downton Abbey:
This show has been straight up sadness lately, but let me take you back last season when all you had to worry about is whether or not Mary and Matthew were going to make out. Sometimes I don’t think I’m grateful enough for this moment so I just re-watch. There’s snow, fancy outfits, thoughtfully exchanged words, British accents and then the kiss. Really great.

Pair with: an evening gown, a fur, champagne and some sort of Yorkshire pudding.

No matter which ending you choose, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll learn to obsess over these just as much as I have. In fact, you may watch them all. Admittedly, it can be a tedious process. One day I will own a DVD made up solely of my favorite moments. I’m sure one already exists on YouTube along with the other fan montages set to songs like “Collide” by Howie Day, but feel free to make me one. Thanks.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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