The most romantic movie moments ever all spliced into one heart-glowing video

New Year’s might be one of the most romantic holidays (hello, midnight kiss!), but if you want an extra dose of love and can’t wait until Valentine’s Day, we’ve got the perfect thing for you.

YouTuber and Las Vegas-based video editor Robert Jones recently compiled an amazing four-and-a-half-minute-long video entitled “A Tribute To Romance In Film,” and it’s got us totally swooning. The video features 85 different couples from various films over the past nine decades all mashed together over the song “Perfect” by The Singularity. Basically it gives us the opportunity to watch practically every amazing love scene ever in less than five minutes.

We get to see Rose walking down the stairs towards Jack in Titanic, Tom and Summer romping through Ikea in 500 Days of Summer, Noah and Allie arguing and flirting at the same time in The Notebook . . . the list goes on and on. It’s like this guy knew all of the scenes that made us happy-cry and smushed them together to make one big happy-cry fest. We’re not even mad.

Check out the video below and be prepared to feel some serious feels in your heart of hearts.

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(Image via Fox Searchlight Pictures.)

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