Rom-Com Quotes We’ll Be Reciting Forever

I really believe that romantic comedies are the best movies, because they combine two already great things: romance and comedy. They are also very, very quotable, whether you’re looking for the words to sincerely convey affection, or you just want to be hilarious. Here are some rom-com quotes we’ll be using a lot of:

From Bridget Jones’ Diary:

Have more perfect words ever been stated by a more perfect man? No, no they have not.

From Miss Congeniality:

We have all said some variation of this to someone at some point.

From (500) Days Of Summer:

This is just so poignant, and I’m secretly waiting for the day I can use this on someone, but mostly I’m dreading the day someone uses it on me.

From Ten Things I Hate About You:

I still feel compelled to use this quote every time someone uses either “overwhelmed” or “underwhelmed” in a conversation.

From Love Actually:

Does it count as a quote if it’s not spoken out loud? I don’t care, it’s still wonderful.

From How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days:

I use this on people every time they neglect a gift I’ve given them.

From Garden State:

Useful as a pickup line, or when you’re trying to get your friends to listen to the new band you’re obsessed with.

From Legally Blonde:

While not romantic, this is useful when someone tries to be condescending.

From When Harry Met Sally:

Or as Danny Castellano misquoted it, “I’ll have whatever’s giving her an orgasm.”

From Jerry Maguire:

This one is sweet in the context of the movie, and so useful in real life. Just replace “hello” with whatever’s relevant to your situation.

From Dirty Dancing:


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