Role Reversal: Woman Hits Unsuspecting Men With Sexist Remarks

While The Walking Dead fans await the October premiere of the show’s fifth season with baited breath, and How I Met Your Mother fans mourn the loss of their show (among other things), at least Game of Thrones fans have a reason to celebrate. That’s because the GoT season premiere is finally here!

Of course, before traveling back to Westeros to join your house of choice, dig into another helping of “The Week In WHAT?!

Is That a Banana in Your Pocket — Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

A female journalist for The Guardian decided to turn the tables on unsuspecting men in the U.K. by approaching them with blatantly sexist remarks based on real encounters women often experience. From telling gents that their pants would look better on her floor to asking a hardware store clerk if there was a woman she could talk to who’d likely be more knowledgeable than him, she quickly solicits the same type of reactions many women have towards men who behave similarly. Thus proving the point that almost nobody enjoys being spoken to in such a manner. If you fancy a few laughs wrapped up in important social commentary, watch the entire video!

Not Without Her iPhone

Cue Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” for this 16-year-old girl. Not only did she drop her cell phone, but while trying to fish it out, she somehow got stuck in a storm drain. As rescuers tried to shimmy her to safety, onlookers report the girl seemed more concerned with retrieving the phone. Because nothing is more Instagram worthy than a “drainie” (I’m-trapped-in-a-drain-selfie). While the crew did everything in its power to save the device, unfortunately it did not survive the incident. Oh, but the girl is fine. Unless she didn’t back up her contacts list. That’s THE WORST!

If Looks Could Kill!

Earlier this week, a court in Pakistan heard the case of Muhammad Mosa Khan, who local police have accused of attempted murder. While he’s one of 30 people authorities pressed charges against for allegedly trying to steal gas (and stone them), he happens to be the most unique. That’s because Mr. Khan is only 9 months old. The court showed Khan some mercy, granting him bail as he drank straight from his bottle while nestled in the comfort of his grandfather’s lap. Move over, James Dean. This baby’s the new rebel without a cause.

And there you have this week in “WHAT?!” Can’t wait to see what’s in store for humanity next!

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