The one literally VERY HUGE detail in the “Rogue One” trailer that will low-key blow your mind

Well, the latest trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dropped this morning, and all we have to say is, “COOL.” Because if we weren’t excited about the first installment of the Star Wars Anthology Series…actually…

WHO ARE WE KIDDING? We’ve always been excited.


Okay, so the new trailer gave us A LOT more info about Jyn’s story (hello, Mads Mikkelsen daddy), and YES a glorious full on look at Darth Vader, but there was also a HUGE detail you may have missed – and it SERIOUSLY teases the possibility of seeing an ancient Jedi temple.

Check out this GIANT AF JEDI STATUE.


It’s easy to miss upon first viewing, because it just looks like a mountain, but upon a second or third viewing, it’s like, “OH WAIT!”

And just to be clear.


Is this a massive sculpture from an ancient Jedi Temple that fell down hundreds (or thousands?!) of years ago – like the Great Sphinx of it’s day? Or is it meant to be some kind of “guide” for anyone flying up above it? Like, “Follow the lightsaber to get your very own Kyber Crystal!” LOL. (Kyber Crystals, for the record, are ~Force-attuned~ crystals Jedi use to build their lightsabers).

I mean, there are also a few shots later in the trailer of some crazy action happening outside what LOOKS like an ancient temple, so…


Technically, we’ve (supposedly) seen the first/oldest Jedi Temple at the end of Force Awakens – where Luke is hangin’ out, although that remains to be confirmed on screen. But we barely saw anything beyond some stairs, stones, and A LOT of water.


And there was also the ~temple~ that the Jedi Council hung out at on Coruscant in the prequels (remember that shit?!), but it eventually became the Imperial Palace, so MEH. Either way, even if all these amazing details in Rogue One turn out not to be a Jedi Temple, this is still a cool AF shot.



And maybe it’s just that, because if there’s one thing we DO know, it’s that the new Star Wars films are nothing if not gorgeous to look at.

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