There’s a brand new 10-second “Rogue One” clip and TBH it is inspiring AF

ICYMI, we’re super excited for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. There’s a kickass female protagonist, Darth Vader, and a whole lot of rebelling. Now, we’ve got a new Rogue One clip featuring Jyn Erso rallying the rebels. We already guessed that, based on the new Rogue One trailer, Jyn Erso might be the toughest Star Wars character yet, and this new clip proves it.

First of all, the clip reveals what is clearly a moment full of fear and desperation for the Rebels. Construction on the Death Star is in full swing, so the Empire is about to have limitless power. Obviously, that means bad things for any creature in the galaxy who isn’t super evil.

Luckily, the Rebels have Jyn Erso. In this super short but inspiring AF clip, she gives the sci-fi equivalent of the inspirational sports movie pep talk. While we would gladly have much more, it’s pretty incredible that in about ten second of rallying, Jyn makes us want to jump up and scream, “YEAH!”

The clip begins with one character asking what chance the rebels have. Jyn responds, “What chance do we have? The question is, what choice?"

Jyn lays out the scenario of giving up – what will happen if the rebels scatter, or try to run and hide. “You give way to an enemy this evil, with this much power, and you condemn the galaxy to an eternity of submission.” That sobering thought clearly hits home with the other rebels.

One of these Rebels happens to be Bail Organa, aka Princess Leia’s adoptive father.  Jimmy Smits, who played Organa in two previous Star Wars films, is back again. TBH, he looks a little skeptical of Jyn’s rousing speech, but maybe it’s the fact that you only see him for two seconds.

Jyn ends her speech (or the clip cuts off) with, “The time to fight is now!” And, frankly, we’re about to join the Rebellion, too.

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