This version of “Rogue One” has a super happy ending, and it’s exactly what we needed

Unless you’ve been living in a submarine with no access to media for the last several months, you know that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has a ~spoiler alert~ less-than-happy ending. Luckily, there’s a much happier ending in Rogue One’s 8-bit version. It’s a lot closer to the original, happy ending Rogue One was supposed to have — and it’s definitely brightening our day.

For the record, we do think the actual ending for Rogue One is stronger than a generic, happy one. However, our hearts ache when we think of the fate of Jyn, Cassian, and the rest of their crew. The folks at CineFix, it seems, feel the same. So, in the latest installment of their “8-Bit Cinema” series, they gave us theending we *wish* the characters could have.

Old-style video games are already pretty charming. Here, it’s even better, because you get to “play” as Jyn Erso. The video gives the viewer directives such as, “Find Saw Gerrera,” so it kind of feels like you’re actual playing. After you do, there’s a brief flash the Death Star destroying Jedha that is weirdly quaint.

Jyn and her cohorts use blasters that emit fun sounds on top of classic arcade-game background music. They combat surprisingly adorable Stormtroopers in their quest to capture the Death Star plans. They succeed, just like in the film — except here, they actually live. Oh, and Jyn/Cassian shippers, rejoice: A heart appears between the pair at the end, giving viewers a pretty clear idea of where this happy version would go.

Sadly, it’s not all bliss and romance. The very end of the video reveals Darth Vader saying, “I want those plans.” Also, there’s an old-school video game version of “The Imperial March” playing, because of course.

We could watch the 8-Bit Cinema version of Rogue One a million times. We love seeing a version where Jyn and the gang live. Plus, that little heart between Jyn and Cassian totally made us swoon. Overall, though, this alternate version is just so charming; we can’t help but be a little obsessed.