Important backpack alert: Rocket Raccoon is ready to hold your stuff

We seriously don’t want to start thinking about back to school yet, but sometimes ESSENTIAL items come into our lives and thinking about heading back to school becomes not just inevitable but even fun. Enter, ThinkGeek who has bestowed the world with a backpack that will get you excited about hauling books around campus (or to work, or to the coffee shop, or literally anywhere your backpack toting self needs to go).

Their new Rocket Raccoon Guardians of the Galaxy backpack will keep all your stuff safe and it fills our hearts with a weird raccoon-induced pride.

The backpack is adorable. Rocket is adorable and the backpack is shaped just like Rocket sooooo. The pack includes his signature armor, which doubles as a zipper compartment that’s about 9 3/4” wide and 12” high at its tallest point. It’s big enough to hold an iPad, books, notebooks — the essentials. The adjustable nylon straps are 18” long, so yes, adults can fit into this cool pack.

But the coolest part might be how Rocket “hangs on” to your shoulders while you walk, complete with bushy striped tail. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to have Rocky as a companion on their way to and from class? Just make sure he behaves —we’d hate to have anyone kicked out of class because their backpack can’t keep his language in check.

This officially-licensed bag is on sale now at ThinkGeek. We’re already online shopping for it.

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